Tell Me on a Sunday WINS Best of Fringe Producer's Award and extension at 2016 Hollywood Fringe Festival


"One can see, and hear, why it has been done so often; it must be the Everest of female musical-theater vehicles.
Shannon Nelson climbs the mountain with skill and passion.....Nelson sings and acts the role beautifully, her British accent had my English ears fooled most of the time so I’m sure a Hollywood audience would buy it without a thought...As a vocal workout, the score makes incredible demands that Nelson meets, her high belt being particularly impressive, but she also has a surprisingly warm lower register which brightens the technically difficult “Unexpected Song” and gives it a reed-y fluidity." - Tell Me On a Sunday - 2016 - Guy Picot - Fringe Review UK - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

"But what truly set this musical apart was Shannon Nelson, the dynamo behind this musical gem.

Without the use of any spoken dialogue, Nelson told us a story of love and relationship, entirely in song and through her amazing acting chops." - Tell Me On a Sunday - 2016 - Bob Leggett - - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

"Unsurprisingly, this show depends on its star. For Fringe, Emma is played byShannon Nelson (FB). Nelson does a spectacular job capturing the emotion, vibrance, and spirit of the character. She sings extremely well.  I thoroughly enjoyed her performance." - Tell Me on a Sunday - 2016 - Daniel Faigin -


How to Survive a Breakup WINS Overall Audience Award at the L.A. Comedy Festival.

October 2015


Pairings is nominated for an IAWTV Award for Best Ensemble Performance.



Shannon Nelson WINS a StageSceneLA Scenie Award for Best Actress in a Drama for playing Hedda Gabler in Lucid by Proxy's Save Me.

October 2014


Absolutely Filthy won the TheatreMania Audience Award and Best Play Award playing to sold out houses at The Players Theater in New York City as part of the NY fringe Festival and was invited back for an Encore Series run at the Soho Playhouse in October 2014.

  • Shannon Nelson, as Charlie Brown’s sister also gave a spot on solid portrayal.                    


Absolutely Filthy just completed a successful run as part of South Coast Reperatory's Studio Series.


Shannon Nelson is nominated  for an LA Weekly Theater Award as Best Female Comedy Performance for playing The Bereaved/Sally in Sacred Fools' Absolutely Filthy.  The cast also WON for Best Ensemble.

April 2014


"Rachelle’s staging has a gut-wrenching effectiveness, aided immeasurably by an incendiary performance as Hedda by Shannon Nelson — who impressed me earlier this year as the Sally Brown “little sister” character in Absoluely Filthy"

Save Me - 2013 - Don Shirly LA STage Times


"Leading lady Nelson (a recent Best Featured Actress Scenie winner for Sacred Fool’s production of Absolutely Filthy) is once again absolutely stunning, a star turn so magnetic you can’t take your eyes off her—so quicksilver is her performance and so riveting are her reactions, whether of longing, or disdain, or rage, or a combination of the above."


"...featuring a sensational Shannon Nelson as Her Majesty, Queen Bitch Hedda."


" it is a daring and largely successful venture, and one well worth checking out, if for no other reason than its sensational star."

Save Me - 2013 - StageSceneLA by Steven Stanley


Shannon Nelson wins a StageSceneLA Scenie Award for Best Featured Actress in a play for playing The Bereaved/Sally in Sacred Fools' Absolutely Filthy.

October 2013


"The entire ensemble is a knock out, especially Shannon Nelson, who is fantastic in every production I see her."


"I am nearly 50 shows deep at this Fringe, and Absolutely Filthy might be the best one I’ve seen. Not only is this must-see, it’s must-get-tickets-now- a previous run of this play sold out. DO IT."

Absolutely Filthy - 2013 - by Ian Federgreen


"Fortunately, Sally’s particularly close connection with Pigpen means a good deal of stage time for the stunning Nelson, who digs deep into Charlie’s most bereaved mourner’s broken heart."

Absolutely Filthy - 2013 - StageSceneLA by Steven Stanley


Absolutely Filthy (featuring Shannon Nelson as The Bereaved) won the 2013 Hollywood Fringe Festival's Top Of The Fringe and Best In Comedy Awards

July 2013

"The best one-liners, of course, go to Little Red (Shannon Nelson), who nonchalantly pops them out one after another."

​Into the Woods - 2010 - Musicals in LA by Ellen Dostal

"Nelson's soaring performance beautifully shows Lucy as both neglected child and neglected woman, an innocent toddler plagued by adult-sized desires."

Mr. Marmalade - 2009 - Backstage by John Steely

"Nelson is sublime as a woman who tries to find a modicum of happiness in a family suffering from emotional shell shock."
March On, Dream Normal - 2008 - Backstage West by Les Spindle (Critic's Pick)

"As Jim's pregnant sister-in-law, who romanticizes his unassuming machismo, the perky Shannon Nelson is lively and appealing."
March On, Dream Normal - 2008 - LAWeekly by Deborah Klugman (GO Pick)

"The full cast gives riveting performances, creating a believable ensemble for this moving story...Shannon Nelson is brilliant in her portrayal of Barbara, the pregnant wife of Jim's brother."
March On, Dream Normal - 2008 - NotesFromHollywood by Debi Hall

"Among the showstopping moments were ... Lucid co-founder Shannon Nelson's bravura delivery of a great comic song from the little-known musical Henry, Sweet Henry..."
2007 LbP Fundraiser Concert - 2007 - Backstage West by Les Spindle

"Nelson is a master at deadpan line deliveries, and she makes a moving shift from a woman who initially seems to have it together to an emotionally devastated soul."
Multiverse - 2007 - Backstage West by Les Spindle

"Nett and Nelson, married in real life, have an active chemistry that they play against to great advantage..."
Multiverse - 2007 - LA Times by David C. Nichols

"As the two sisters, Jarrell and Nelson deliver top-notch performances..."
String - 2006 - LAWeekly by Sandra Ross

"...brave and exquisitely heartfelt performances from Lucid by Proxy's...Shannon Nelson..."
Asymmetry - 2005 - by Travis Michael Holder

"Harris and Nelson, guided by the in-your-face direction of Trevor Bishop, make it work beautifully. Both performances, particularly Nelson's, which gives the feeling of actually erupting from the inside out, could not be more committed to the material..."
Psalms of a Questionable Nature - 2005 - Backstage West by Travis Michael Holder

"Harris and Nelson are riveting, and the production masterful..."
Psalms of a Questionable Nature - 2005 - LA Weekly by Amy Nichols

"... aided by magnetic portrayals from Shannon Nelson... Nelson's portrait of the disturbed Moo is a spellbinding blend of loneliness, confusion and childlike terror. Humphrey Bogart once said the best acting is simply listening, so that audiences can read the mind of the character even when he or she is silent, and Nelson supplies a definitive example of this skill. She sits with rapt attention as her sister speaks, and it's easy to see every desperate emotion.
Nelson has one scene in which she coughs and retches violently from the sickness destroying her, and she seems to shatter into pieces. Rugged to watch, it's frighteningly, repulsively real."

Psalms of a Questionable Nature - 2005 - Variety by Joel Hirschhorn

"Nelson is simply phenomenal, driving the arc from mousey office nothing to corporate player."
Spare Parts & Cynic - 2003 - LA Weekly by Luis Reyes

"...and the breathtakingly vulnerable Sam, played to perfection by Shannon Nelson.... this outing is made thoroughly involving by a company of extremely talented actors who,..., give knockout performances: particularly the wide-eyed Nelson..."
School of Jesus Fish - 2003 - Backstage West by Jennie Webb

"...a cast that turns in gripping, convincing performances... along with Sam (the fine Shannon Nelson)..."
School of Jesus Fish - 2003 - LA Weekly by Lovell Estelle III

"As the maid Lucy, Shannon Nelson is a sheer delight..."
Pains of Youth - 2002 - Backstage West by T.H. McCulloh

"Scherrer's direction elicits good work from her actors, with the wide-eyed Nelson especially fresh casting..."
Cotillion - 2002 - Los Angeles Times by David C. Nichols

"Nelson's portrait of adolescent angst is engaging..."
Cotillion - 2002 - Backstage West by Les Spindle